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 Date   Blog Post  Related Chapters
 2023/06/13 Macro Policy Update, 2022 11. Monetary Policy
12. Fiscal Policy
15. Crises
 2022/10/14 Taiwan's Weathering of 2022 Shocks to Global Capital   5. Balance of Payments
11. Monetary Policy
Economics of the Pandemic, 2021 11. Monetary Policy
12. Fiscal Policy
15. Crises


Economics of the Pandemic, 2020
    Part I: Covid Cases, Mobility Loss, and Exports
    Part II: Fiscal Policy
    Part III: Monetary Policy
15. Crises
12. Fiscal Policy
11. Monetary Policy
 The Exchange Rate in East Asia's Macro Stabilization Policy
    Part I: It's Not Just China
    Part II: Contrast with Latin America
11. Monetary Policy
 2021/02/07 'The New Fiscal Consensus' As Per Blanchard & Subramanian Interpreted for Southeast Asia  12. Fiscal Policy
 2020/08/14 East Asia's Fiscal Response to Crisis, Then & Now  12. Fiscal Policy
 2020/07/15  The Real Reason for China's Unbalanced Growth    4. National Accounts

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